Residential Broadband Service

PCS offers a variety of internet packages, all of which are available without a contract. Call (704) 889-2001 for details.

Residential SpeedPaks
Monthly Price
1 Year Contract
SpeedPak 10M
Up to 10M/1M
SpeedPak 20M
Up to 20M/2M
SpeedPak 30M
Up to 30M/5M
SpeedPak 50M
Up to 50M/5M

*We offer service without contracts – Call us for rates.


Optional Residential Speedpak Services
Wireless Router $5.00
Voicemail Notification via Email $5.00
  • System Requirements
    Operating system that is at minimum Windows XP
  • PC must have a NIC (ethernet) card

PCS also offers technical support 24 hours a day from a technician using the live online support link or by calling 1-866-620-7380.

Disclaimer: Speed claim(s) represent maximum downstream and/or upstream speed capabilities which may vary and are not guaranteed. Many factors can affect download and upload speeds. Downloading or distributing copyrighted materials is strictly prohibited. PCS Communications reserves the right to terminate service for illegal activity without prior notice, at which time the terms of this contract will be broken and all charges relating to equipment and early termination apply.